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Why Gymnastics Could Be Great For Your Kids (and You !)

Here at NewEliteGym.com we aim to become a key resource on the subject of Gymnastics.  Not just for our own gymnasts but for anyone interested will offer information on all aspects of the sport. 

Ranging from tips and techniques on how to keep your balance on the beam to how to train to become a gymnastics coach, please be sure to visit us regularly.  Also why not join us on or facebook page to post any questions you might have http://www.facebook.com/newelitegym

Gymnastics training is a varied activity.  Not only are there the different pieces of equipment: floor, beam, vault, bars, parallel bars, trampette, rig, there are a wide variety of techniques to be executed on the equipment, plus important underlying activities such as conditioning and strength development.

New Elite Gym has British Gymnastics qualified coaches to oversea the development of the gymnast.